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My Nikon Coolpix L310 hasn't been used for about 4 months and I had taken Out the SD card and stored it in its case (and didn't copy the data on it)

2 days ago I Connected the SD card with a Memory Reader and The Files didn't copy to the computer and some files on the Card had weird names with letters & symbols in it

I put the Card in the camera and viewed them and they're all working (and videos too)

I had to use the camera and get some shots with the Card having that problem

after I finished Shooting, next day I used The reader and "Some" of the new pictures were copied and the others won't

and now I connected the USB cable (without installing any drives) and I just followed the steps of the device manager by choosing the files I want to copy and pressing "Next". Some files had a Red "X" instead of the thumbnail and some had no thumbnail ... and when copying, Some of them were copied and then it refused to continue copying because some files "cannot be copied"

Some of the old photos are now on my computer ... then I tried "Exploring" the camera from "My computer" and copying the files some were copied and transfer stopped copying and the copied files "Preview not available" and 2 videos that were copied won't work

I really need those files on the Card

So please tell me If there's anyway for me to get those files back

N.B: (knowing that till now I can view ALL of the files on the camera and not just their thumbs .. and I also watch the videos on the cam)

and Thanks in Advance

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