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I have a gopro hero 3 and I use it to make timelapses on linux. The problem is that I don't like the fisheye effect that its lens produces. Is there any Linux tool that removes that? I am especially looking for a command line tool that I can call within my scripts that create the timelapses.

I am not expecting a tool that will analyze each photograph and find the best configuration to remove the fish eye effect. I would prefer a tool that gives me parameters such as I can find the best configuration for gopro's pictures and then apply the same parameters to all the photographs.

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I have not used Fulla myself but pulled this information together from various internet resources.

First you need to install Fulla, which is included in the Hugin package.

sudo apt-get install hugin-tools

Fulla is able to read in correction data from the last open-source PTLens database, available here. You have to point Fulla to the PTLens database manually as follows:


And then of course place the database in the $HOME/.ptlens/ directory. As this database is quite dated not all modern cameras are included. I have looked through the database but could not find anything related to the Go Pro camera.

Therefore you will need to calibrate Fulla with actual pictures from your camera. Here are several resources that explain how this (elaborate) process is done or do this process for you:

Using Fulla's documentation you can then use the coefficients obtained from the calibration and correct your image and include this correction in your script.

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