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I bought a new camera (500D) and have had it for about 4 days. I have installed the latest version of Magic Lantern on it to get a little boost, but when I got into shutter count it gives me 14k (13988 + 177)??! in 4 days (I took about 200 photos)...

My 500D is brand new (well, I bought it in store as new, with box closed). Is it possible that the count on MagicLantern is not accurate on 500D??! Or is there some other software or trick to get proper shutter count?

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possible duplicate of How can I get the shutter actuation count for Canon EOS 500D/550D? – dpollitt Jul 21 '13 at 15:08

I would try using a shutter count website like this one:

By uploading a picture it will give you the count and you can compare it against the one given on Magic Lantern.

If the first count was correct, I would try speaking to wherever you bought it from as that may suggest it wasn't brand new at all, although for 14k I would expect some other indications of use.

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Have you actually tried this with a 500D photo? I don't believe that Canon include the shutter counts in metadata. – Philip Kendall Dec 9 '14 at 12:36

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