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Can I use a tool like exif2 or exiftool to programatically inspect and manipulate the flag used for "Rejected" in Lightroom? I can't find a field that seems to correspond to it. If not, is there another OSX/Linux/Unix tool that could do that?

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This is Lightroom-specific metadata, stored in the Lightroom catalog. You can verify this like so:

$ exiftool -b -xmp mypic.dng > orig.xmp
(now go reject mypic.dng and Cmd/Ctrl-S if necessary)
$ exiftool -b -xmp mypic.dng > new.xmp
$ diff orig.xmp new.xmp

All you'll see are a metadata date change and some UUID changes. This means there is nothing there for exiftool to manipulate.

You'll have to do this in Lua, as a Lightroom plugin. Once you have the LrPhoto reference, you simply say:


to get the current value. It will be 1 if picked, 0 if neutral, and -1 if rejected.

You could then un-reject a photo with:

photo:setRawMetadata('pickStatus', 0)
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