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I have a FD lens and a Nikon Non Ai lens, with two adapters respectively.

Attached the FD lens to EOS M, set to M mode or AV mode, the aperture is fixed 00. Press the shutter button, it doesn't fire.

How to use these vintage lens on EOS M?

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There are so many EF lenses around, some ridiculously cheap, that I have to ask why you are trying to use lenses with other mounts on EOS-mount cameras. –  Ornello Jan 8 at 16:38
Note "EOS M", not regular EOS. There is a lack of native EOS M lenses. –  mattdm Jan 8 at 16:58

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In Custom function menu: C.Fn-7 Release shutter without lense: on

The shutter can release.

It can shoot in either mode, including P, AV, TV, M. In TV mode, set ISO to auto. ISO becomes a variable according to time and aperture you set.

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This was very helpful. One side note. You must have not NOT set on green "a" setting (at shutter button) otherwise you wont see "custom settings (c.fn) - –  user36847 Jan 7 at 20:36

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