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I have a Canon 40 D with an 18-200 lens. I'm looking for a neoprene case? with easy access and protection for hiking, etc. I have a low pro case with great protection and room for my accessories. But really, I just need my camera for hiking. It's just too much and unnecessary to pack all the extras. I need enough protection to be able hang it temporarily or leave it on the four wheeler. I have been scouring the Internet looking for a combination of a strap with the neoprene bodybag, or even a holster type case that doesn't try to make room for the accessories. I'm just having a hard time finding what's available and what would be best.

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I use a neoprene case intended for ebook readers (eg Kindle). Just throwing that out there. You could possibly also use one that's intended for netbooks. Putting this as a comment rather than answer because it may not be exactly what you are asking for. I'll even admit it's a bit weird-looking with the camera in it. – thomasrutter Sep 2 '13 at 8:05

The most basic protection can be obtained with a Camera Armor. It has been a while since I've seen one but it lets you use the camera in its case directly.

Otherwise, you are probably looking for a soft-case. Op/Tech makes some. One of the larger ones is needed for the 7D but I am not sure it will fit with the 18-200mm lens.

You should use your own camera strap. While the Op/Tech case is OK, I do NOT recommend their straps which are poorly made. One of my cameras hit the ground after the tacks holding the strap together opened up. If you want an excellent padded strap, I recommend this one by Zeiss. It's also the cheapest way to have the Zeiss name on you :)

For a better level of protection, use a small padded case. I own several Lowepro TLZ models. The right model depends on the lens size. The 55AW is certainly large enough for you. As a bonus, it can be secured through a belt so that it does not bounce back and forth which is more comfortable during physical activity. It also has an all-weather cover in case it rains or snows while you are out.

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