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I'd like to connect 2 Yongnuo i-TTL Speedlite Flash units to a Nikon D5100. I'm fine with a wired connection. I only want to operate the flash units in manual mode. I do not want to use the camera's flash.

What cables would I need? Would I need some sort of splitter?

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If you only want to use the flashes in manual mode, I recommend radio triggers. You can pick up a set with one transmitter and two receivers for around $30USD. I use this set occasionally. If I needed them on a daily basis I would invest in something a little heavier duty, but these have never failed to fire, and are fairly easy on the batteries.

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I suggest triggering one of the flashes through a wired connection, and putting the other flash in optical slave mode (so it's triggered by the first flash firing).

You need

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