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At the newspaper I used to work for we had a plugin for PS that burned corners stupendously. Simple, easy to use, customizable, actionable plugin. BUT WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE THING?!? Any hints?

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You mean a plugin that creates vignetting? If you Google for it, I see more than a few, including Xero Soft Vignette, MV's Vignette Corrector. The easiest way, in newer version of Photoshop, is just to use the Lens Correction filter, by selecting Filters > Distort > Lens Correction and playing with the vignette slider. For non-destructive editing, try to apply the effect on a new layer.

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There is also a slider in Lightroom if that is your program of choice. Under the develop tab, scroll down on the list of adjustments. – BBischof Oct 14 '10 at 14:59
Yes, definitely, I use LR extensively. He was mentioning PS though. – sebastien.b Oct 14 '10 at 17:28
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I just found it!!!! Photokit by Pixel Genius. This pluging is awesome. Free for two months, I totally suggest checking this thing out. It does way more then just burn corners down (which looks way better then vignetting options I've seen) and everything is actionable.

Happy Hunting.

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