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I have a number of photos that I have manually tagged with a location. (They did not have any GPS data associated with them automatically, as I took them with a camera without such facilities.) I have given them a street address, but Aperture labels them with a different street several blocks (about 2 miles) south of where I tagged them. When I open the same library in iPhoto, they have the correct address associated with them. Does Aperture have some sort of location database it uses to associated geotagged coordinates with a street address? Can I clear this database? Or is there another way to make Aperture actually associate the photos with the correct address?

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Is it possible that in Aperture it's not recognizing the full address, but only a city/state? If that's the case, then the geotagging is likely centering within a geographic range, getting you close to the right address, but not quite close enough.

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