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How do I batch edit a collection of raw files in Darktable? I have tried to research this, but with no luck.

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It's a little easier than jrista's method. You still make your edits to a single file, but then on the lighttable there's a "History Stack" section which allows you to copy the history stack of an image (or any parts thereof). And then you can select multiple images and paste the history stack onto them.

Darktable's lighttable history stack module

Update: I understand better jrista's mention of styles. Just below "history stack" on the lighttable is a module called "styles." If you select an image and click create a style you can save a specific application of darkroom modules (just like the history stack). Once it's saved as a style you can apply it simply by selecting images on the lighttable and double-clicking the style name.

Darktable's lighttable style module

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The only way I know of to apply batch edits to multiple files in Darktable is to generate a history stack of the edits you wish to apply on one photo, export that history stack as a "Style", then apply that style on export to all the other photos. Not sure that this is what you are looking for...but I'm an infrequent user of Darktable, and that was the best I could find in the past.

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