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I've done photography for some months now. I always borrowed an Canon 600D from a friend. Now I got a job as a party and concert photographer. (I need to use an external flash of course.)

I'm just not sure if I should buy the 7D, because it's already 4 years old. When I compare the 7D and 6D, there are only minor differences between 7D and 6D except the full-frame sensor and the price.

What do you recommend?

And which lens and flash would you buy?

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See this on "what camera should i buy" questions —… – mattdm May 5 '13 at 19:12
FWIW, I'd be pretty interested in the ISO ranges and performance of the 7D vs. 6D if I were you. Strobes are a great equalizer, but aren't always an option for parties & concerts. – D. Lambert May 6 '13 at 15:01

While we don't deal with shopping questions on this site because they are too localized in time and needs, your questions are answered more generically by What to look for in a flash and What do I gain from moving to a full frame?

As far as lenses for events go, your costs are a big factor, but for parties you'll want something that goes from fairly wide to a typical standard zoom. Something like a 24-70 would be good. For concerts you'll also want a good telephoto. Probably something going up to at least 200mm (if not 300mm) with stabilization. You'll also want something fairly fast (low number for the f number) to be able to deal well with the low light in many parties and concerts.

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