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A friend from online recently found out he has an extra batter for an 400D XTi that he can no longer use(he sold the camera). I have a 450D XSi and I was wondering if I could use this battery. I don't want him to send me the battery if I can't use it either, so I was wondering if they are compatible. Then I started wondering about the other Rebels, and then I started wondering in general. So,

Where can I find out what Canon batteries work in what bodies?

In particular I am wondering about these two bodies, but I am curious to know the others also.

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If the battery model are those which EricB wrote, be careful because the physical shape are different (use google images to see them), and probably it won't work.

Check yourself, and choose your model in, go the accessories part, and in each accessory they have a compatibility list. I think this is the comparability list for a replacement battery for you camera, and in that isn't the Xti.

Now I see I've luck, because my cameras have 5 year difference and they use the same battery model. I never imagine that canon change so much the batteries between models so close in time.

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Thanks for the link, that seems to answer my question. –  BBischof Oct 8 '10 at 18:36

I'm not sure about compatibility, but it appears that the batteries, themselves, have different model numbers. This might mean you're out of luck. If you go to Canon's site and find replacement batteries, I'd bet it will list the cameras that take them.

400D: NB-2LH
450D: LP-E5

If you look at the specs for the "Rebel" bodies on a site like DPreview, you should be able to make a list of which camera goes with which battery.

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I did observe the different numbers but I was wondering if it was possible anyhow. –  BBischof Oct 8 '10 at 18:37

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