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I am looking for images of people meeting, talking, on computers and off, with cell phones, outdoors, indoors for use in a young educational website and am willing to pay $10 - $20 each. Its hard to find a good site to buy from as there are so many out there. Any recommendation(s) would be helpful.

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This is off-topic; the site is about the creation side of photography. – mattdm Mar 5 '13 at 16:11
If you need stock photos, there are far better places to find that kind of thing than here. PhotoSE is a place to discuss the artistic and technical aspects of photography, not troll for links to stock photo sites (Google and Bing are your best friends there.) – jrista Mar 5 '13 at 18:40
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I think this is off-topic here, but simple Google "stock images for non-profit". For example this has a good overview

Quality, affordable choices for your nonprofit

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Just go to flickr and look for creative commons licensed shots that allow commercial use. You'll find some that require attribution. So use and correctly give the attribution.

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I can't post comments yet so i will have to make this suggestion an answer-
I found many good images for free from (I'm not sure what the license for these photos are as I haven't used any images in a way that may have licensing issues & it depends on each photographer)

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