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I just bought a Kata backpack, MiniBee-110 PL. It has an enormously long waist strap that I think is removable. It's attached to the bag by this connector (in the picture below), but I haven't been able to manipulate it so it snaps open. Before I get too aggressive and break something I thought I would ask the question: Can someone recommend a solution for operating this connector (or if it's even possible to open it)?

enter image description here

Update Thanks to the suggestion here is the result showing the opened connector. It did require quite a bit of pressure:

enter image description here

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Looks to me like you pull up on one tab and push down on the other.

enter image description here

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Okay. That gave me the courage to try once more with that approach. (I had to ask. For every connector on my car that I disconnect, if I just do what looks obvious, I seem to break them 100% of the time.) I'll put the picture of the disconnected item in my question. – Jim Feb 23 '13 at 19:59

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