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Does anyone know where one can purchase filters for UV photography in Europe?

These are the opposite of standard UV filters - these block visible light and only allow UV to pass through.

All I could find is the raw glass itself, nothing finished into a filter with threads.

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I had never heard of UV photography, how cool...

Anyhow, you can find them. has a UV filter in the kit, a Wratten 18A. ($200) is a B+W 403 filter.

I found this with good google-fu.

Take the filter types (Kodak Wratten 18A, B+W 403, Hoya U-340, Baader U-Filter and Kenko U-360) and put them into google along with a common thread size, say 77mm. And start clicking on the hits.

Or you can build your own filter, I just found this link. basically they take an incandescent black light, break it, and rig up something to put the glass over your camera lens. Might be tough to get a piece large enough for a big DSLR lens though.

And show us what you shoot!

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