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I'm about to sell my Canon 430EX and trying to determine a fair price for it. Looking at Amazon, it seems like the 430EX is more expensive than the 430EX II. I'm a bit confused. Any ideas why this might be?

430EX : (~$430) 430EX II: (~$262)

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Any ideas why this might be?

The 430 EX II is sold by Amazon while the 430 EX is sold through Amazon by Crawford's Superstore.

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This often happens with discontinued products — flashes, cameras, snacks, cleaning supplies — on Amazon. All the vendors offering a reasonable price sell out, and then you're left with a handful with high (sometimes crazily high) prices. This can just happen naturally when some seller legitimately had a higher asking price, or somewhat more calculatedly when someone is trying to cash in on the reaming stock of a popular product. And sometimes I think it is shady vendors just trying to catch unobservant buyers with outrageous prices because there's no penalty for trying — buyer beware and all that.

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