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I am considering purchasing a Canon PIXMA iP4700 Colour Printer just for photographs. I have already a HP Officejet J5780 All in one Printer, which I presently use for all my printing. I find the HP a little expensive on coloured ink. Please advise me of the benefits or otherwise regarding my purchase of the canon printer. Not sure which would produce the better quality photographs. Would I be better buying something else?

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I use an OfficeJet 6500. It turns out colour photos, but there is a big gap between it and lab-printed photos. Yet lab-printed photos are not that expensive. I use the OfficeJet for basic proofing, and order lab prints online. I order mine from

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Thanks James, I believe we will give "photobox" a go, before trying anything else. – Dennis Sep 18 '10 at 20:48

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