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I live in a very rainy / snowy part of the world. This is not a very good thing if you are a photographer (specially with your shiny new gear) since you want to take it out but might be prevented from doing so from the amount of rain/snow.

Besides the common usage of the ziploc to prevent condensation and your camera bag, what else can I do while shooting to prevent accumulation of water snow on lenses and body?

PS. Camera and one lens is weather sealed but not the rest.

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Are you having specific problems? With my weather-sealed gear, there is nothing I need to do but keep shooting :) ...and I too live in a very snowy part of the world....something I am strongly considering changing! – Itai Jan 4 '13 at 13:36
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What about a rain sleeve like the one shown here at Amazon? Very cheap solution to your problem...

enter image description here

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