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I am looking for a script for focus stacking with Raynox DCR 250. There is already default script there but it is linear and that is better suited to stock lenses and, with the Raynox 250 attached, I think it needs to exponential focus. Can anyone help me find such script or may be some setting with that default stacking script? I am using a Canon SX40.

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When you say you absolutely have to have a "script"? There are a few tools, in particular CombineZ, that will automatically align and blend a focus stack for you. CombineZ produces pretty darn good results as far as I've seen, too. Would that work? – jrista Jan 25 '13 at 1:41
What do you mean by exponential focus? You mean instead of incrementing in fixed focus increments, you want it to skip some focus intervals? Not sure what this will buy you except to skip a few shots? – Wing Tang Wong Apr 10 '13 at 1:07

I have just written a focus-bracketing script for closeup lenses, including the Raynox 250. Here is a link to my article, which contains documentation of the script as well as the script itself: Here is another link to some outdoor stacked images made using the script

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I don't think you need to use a special "script". There are some softwares that do the trick and are easy to use.

If by any chance you're using photoshop, this guide will help you:


I was using it to stack 20 photos and it works great for me.

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