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I rarely use online shops and I had never shopped cameras online!

Today I just checked and it just doesn't look right to me, it does not look as good as and also says "currently item can be shipped only within the US"

I only know the Future Shop... I've heard good things about B&H... and Black's is also listed on Nikon's website as authorized dealer...

Which one is more trustworthy for online shopping?

PS. I'm planning to buy a camera and some lenses, price difference is not important to me and I don't have time for exchange...

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Living in Toronto, I've shopped for camera's and lenses from B&H and Adorama and I'd no problem with either one of them. While shopping from B&H, you will have the option to pay import taxes as part of shipping so you do not have to pay it when the item comes to your door.

I usually go to and compaire prices from different stores. I find most of the products from B&H or Adorama to be cheaper to buy & ship than stores in Toronto.

If you are looking to buy online at a local store, you can try

They are all reputable stores in Toronto which also allow you to shop online.

If you prefere to buy used / refurbished Nikon products, you might be interested in checking out

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The Camera Store

They're a Calgary based company but they seem to have very reasonable shipping charges within Canada. The reason I suggest them is because I've bought several things there over the past few years and the customer service is outstanding and I've never had a problem with the products. They often have the best prices as well. I had to get my Tripod repaired through them but moved to Kingston while it was away. They shipped it to me and it came quite quickly.

"Standard sized purchases over $500 are shipped free to most* Canada Express Post destinations."

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