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I'm trying to sync my XTi to a 550ex speedlite with PC cord. I'm shopping on and can only find two adapters that might do the job; Hama or SC2. Will either of these do the job? If not can you suggest something (preferably something that's available in Europe and cheap-ish)

The hama one doesn't look like it has any electrical connections on top so I' sceptical about it.

The 550ex has a 3 pin socket on the side, is there a PC adapter for that?

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The three pin socket on the side of the 580ex is the external power socket, not a sync socket. The Hama product you linked to does look like it has no data connection to the flash, but this one does. I've used it on a 430 EX II to connect to Elinchrom Skyport radio triggers successfully. It worked well, but mounting can be an issue depending on where/how you are holding the flash, as it has no tripod style screw fitting in the bottom of it. I solved that issue by mounting it into a Canon OC-E3 cable which then mounted on a tripod/lightstand easily.

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If you want to keep using eTTL, (where the flash talks to the camera as it fires) you need a Canon cord, or one designed specifically for Canon eTTL. Google "Canon OC-E3 EOS Dedicated TTL Off-Camera Shoe Cord" and you will find them. Or look at

The SC2 seems to be a Nikon-style cord, that won't give you eTTL at all. Its for their CLS system.

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OC-e3 clones seem to all be vey short (<5feet), I need something 15ft+. Is there an engineering constraint which doesn't allow for longer ettl cords? – Ken Nov 24 '12 at 20:48
Not at all. Just talk to the folks at – Pat Farrell Nov 24 '12 at 22:56

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