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I got lost finding the right remote shutter release for my Canon 5D Mark iii. I have the Hänhel Combi for Canon, which I use to use with Canon 550D but seems no use with 5D Mark iii.

I googled and found a lot of different products but I don't want to buy a wrong one.

My budget is about 20£ for a normal cable release or about 60£ for a wireless one. I know there is one from Canon about 300£, but it's too expensive for me to spend on a shutter release. For wireless, infrared is not an option for me.

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Canon makes 2 remotes, the timer model and the non-timer model.

The non-timer model, the RS-80N3 is the cheaper one. I don't own one of these. The timer model, the TC80N3 is actually a pretty useful device. I was using it, well planning to use to shoot the Leonids, just the other day. I've had mine for about 4 years and I seem to use it at least several times a year.

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Now I understand it's N3 type remote .. that made me confusued as I have a lot of cable release and non of them fit on 5DIII so .. Thanks .. – lawphotog Nov 26 '12 at 9:08

Pixel Oppilas wireless remote shutter release works in radiowaves up to 300 ft (100 m) distance. I have one for my Sony and I'm quite happy with it, though the shutter release button on the remote unit could be a bit stiffer. Though mine is already old, they may have changed the design by now. My experience is that it is reliable, cheap and it works also in freezing weather without issues, but I haven't taken it (yet) to real Finnish winter temperatures where battery life is seriously shortened. I'll do that later this winter.

my own Pixel remote

Price of this wireless remote is currently $25 in Amazon, so it's well within your budget. Choose the version with N3 connector for your Canon 5D mark III.

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