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Is there a way to export the Custom Settings for Adjustments Palette that I used in the editor view of NX2?

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The previous answer seems to be for Capture NX2 which does not answer the original question which appears to be for View NX2 a different program. So, the answer as far as I know is, NO you cannot save anything in View NX2 related to edits except Picture Control profiles.

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With all 3 Develop edit panes, and the Adjust edit pane, closed, control-click in the space beneath the closed Adjust pane. You will see a contextual menu appear, where you can save (and load) settings.

This copies settings from all Develop and Adjust panes, but you can save/copy after editing only those settings that you want to apply later.

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Maybe some of my scripts for copying adjustments might help you to export to other images.

Edit: The one batch allows to copy the nikon adjustments to a cache file. The another batch copies back to a bunch of files and adjust nikon settings. So it is an export like you might want, It depends where you want to export..

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Can you elaborate? What do your scripts do exactly, and how might they help? – mattdm Jan 28 '14 at 11:22

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