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The situation: I have a 580EX on a lightstand and am firing it with Cybersync triggers. The transmitter is mounted on a 5D Mark II.

Because the camera is unaware of the transmitter, there's not a way to tell it to trigger on 2nd curtain. You can set the flash to 2nd curtain, but that doesn't do anything since the trigger just tells it when to fire.

Is there a way to accomplish a 2nd curtain fire with a setup like this? I'm trying to avoid buying $500+ worth of Radiopoppers.

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No. Unfortunately the 5D2 does not allow 2nd Curtain Sync unless there is an attached to Canon EX compatible speedlite.

It's unfortunate as the only solutions seem to be workarounds, or expensive radio triggers.

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If you are using Canon triggering systems, no you cannot perform 2nd-curtain sync over radio.

However, the Yongnuo YN-622c radio triggers perform 2nd curtain by bypassing the Canon wireless protocol, and basically faking that the flash is on the camera hotshoe. However, the "wireless" setting does have to be set to off in the camera menu, so it's a bit of kludge. They are cheaper than PWs in every way, though, so if you need pro-level reliability, these are not the answer.

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