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Recently when on holiday in Italy my 5DII stopped powering up. Turn the switch on and - nada. Pulling the battery and popping it back in brings the camera to life, however as soon as the camera goes in to sleep mode, or I turn the power off, the problem returns. Sometimes the camera shows Error 80 at this point:

Err 80

Shooting is not possible due to an error.
Turn the camera off and on again or re-install the battery.

I've seen various posts on the interwebs about pulling the clock battery and leaving the camera for a while - have tried this and also replaced the clock battery to no avail.

Has anyone else had this problem - did the body have to go back to Canon for repair or did you manage to fix it?

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This might help: Have you tried operating the body without a lens on it or with a different lens? Malfunction related to the electric control of images has been detected sounds like a mainboard problem. Best to take it to a Canon service centre. –  BBking Oct 19 '12 at 1:22

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I've just got my camera back from repair and this was apparently caused by water damage to the DC-DC board, an expensive repair but I hope that my camera will now work well for some time to come! I've not yet worked out how the water got in - but I'm suspecting a damp camera bag after a seaside shoot.

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I had to take mine to a Canon service center as none of the methods suggested online (switch off, remove battery/lens, insert battery/lens, switch on) made the error code go away. I got the repair covered by manufacturer's warranty. Apparently Error 80 is a somewhat typical error code for this camera model.

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