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I took about 100 shots using a Nikon D7000 on a 4GB memory card this weekend, shooting in RAW. I checked the pictures after the first 5 and all looked fine, so I kept shooting. After taking about 95 pictures (in relatively quick succession) of a series of formal shots I clicked the viewer to check all was ok. There was a blank screen with "no image". I can see every file on the SD card (there are about 100 files, all about the right size - 19-21mb) but I can only open the first 6 in ViewNX2, or any other program.

I've tried various image recovery programs but they are all geared towards recovering lost (i.e. deleted) data. I can see the files, so the data must be there, but I just can't view or open the pictures.

Has anyone had experience with this or could anyone point me in the right direction?

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It could be that your SD card is damaged. In that case there is not much to be done as far as I know. – Paolo Sep 11 '12 at 12:53

I haven't had much luck recovering the raw files themselves, but I've seen several instances of problems like this where I was able to extract the JPG preview that's embedded in the RAW file. Believe it or not, the best program I've found for grabbing these JPGs is Irfanview - a great little free tool. Any JPG you grab in this fashion won't be of the same quality as your RAW file would, but it beats nothing at all.

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No, the data doesn't have to be there. That is in fact the likely problem. The SD card failed, garbled some bits, and now programs that understand NEF files can't make any sense of them. Try using one of those TIF diagnostic programs that shows you every tag in the file. If you're really lucky the image data is intact and the rest can be reconstructed. Probably not though, since the image data is the bulk of the bits.

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You could try to run some program on your memory card, lik PhotoRec to verify if it could recover more information than you already got.

But it's not that easy to use...

good luck!

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