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This is more of a request than a question. I'm considering getting the aforementioned lens but I'm a bit afraid that it may not allow me to produce as much magnification as I would hope for. That's why I would like to ask users of this lens to post pictures or links to pictures taken with this lens and a full frame camera. Show me how "big" it can go.

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Here are many samples:

Out of the 16k photos there, I'm sure some are with a d700. A bit hard to narrow down the search there, but still, a good way to get some impressions.

For what it's worth, Bjørn Rørslett did not particularly like this lens in comparison with the 200mm or the 60mm, while Thom Hogan doesn't understand the point of a 60mm, since the 1:1 focal distance is so close to the front element that most bugs will be spooked by it. I find both of those reviewers to give very thorough, detailed critiques of lenses, and coupled with the samples on pbase, I have a much better idea of what to expect.

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It's a 1:1 lens, so that means that the size of the subject will be the same size on the sensor. Meaning, for example, a 10mm x 10mm square will project exactly 10mm x 10mm on the sensor at the 1:1 focus point. To go beyond that, you need extension tubes or multipliers.

Anyways, reviews on the lens rate it very high. Like most macro lenses, it's razor sharp.

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