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I would like to use my grandfather’s Voigtländer Bessamatic lenses (DKL mount) on my Canon EOS 600D.

I looked for adapter rings and basically found two different types: Simple ones without any electronics (from 40€/50 US$), and "AF confirm" types with different levels of complexity (from 60€/75 US$). I also assume there might be different types of chips in the rings (Dandelion, EMF…).

The Voigtländer lenses are 1:3.4/35, 1:4/135, and 1:4/200.

I just started working with a DSLR, and I am a bit overwhelmed with the choices. Should I get a simple one and "learn to shoot manually", or invest a bit more to have the programmable ring with focus confirmation (which I imagine to be pretty cool)?

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You'll never regret buying the focus confirm adapter once you forget how much you had to pay for it :-).

"Auto confirm" is akin to "poor man's AF", and allows you to achieve, in many cases, close to AF results with far less effort or thought or concentration than pure MF takes in extreme conditions. With auto-confirm you have to "think" a lot less and can choose to use "pure" MF anytime you wish.

In many cases the difference in price is large between FC and non FC adapters - maybe 5:1+. In your case the difference is about 1.5:1 adding to the merits of buying the FC version.

At 5:1 in price I'd say buy the cheaper one, learn to use pure manual focus and decide later whether the lenses justified the extra expenditure.

BUT at only 1.5:1, if even one of the lenses is useful you'll always be thinking - "for only 50% more / another 20€ I could have had the extra features".

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This is very helpful, thank you very much. I will go for the AF confirm adapter ring! Will report back once it has arrived. –  myhd Aug 20 '12 at 10:48

Of course, you should purchase AF confirm adapter. I have both and I know, how convenient it is with AF confirm. You don't have to fiddle with Live View.

I will suggest you should buy AF confirm with EMF chip which is programmable. The normal AF confirm chip adapter cannot be programmed and comes pre-programmed which is stuck with single aperture setting at f/1.4 and so you cannot use Aperture Priority mode. I mean, with the adapter with EMF chip you can change the aperture and the camera will determine the exposure composition as well as shutter speed automatically. This is not possible with normal AF chip adapter. Moreover, you cannot change the focal length of the lens. EMF based AF confirm adapter are expense but worth the price and wait (got it from China through eBay).

Best of luck!

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