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I'm trying to create 360 degree panoram with hugin +Canon 5d iii +canon 16-35 at 16mm f/5.

I took 72 images of my surroundings and am trying to combine those in hugin. I've tried various lens types (normal/panoramic/orthographic ect) with no effect. Hugin is unable to align on its own more than 10 images, and when I add control points to the other images, those are not shown on the updated panorama.

What kind of settings should I use with hugin for it to work properly with canon 16-35 images?

Also, maybe, I should try an other lens? I've also got Canon 8-15. What lenses have you guys had success with in hugin?

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Your lens should be marked as "Normal" in Hugin, and the focal length multiplier of your camera is 1.0.

The auto-alignment in Hugin can be frustrating at times. I have found that the wider the field of view the more difficult it is for Hugin to align images. There are also a few different algorithms that you can choose to automatically select and align control points. The best one (by far!) is called autopano-sift-c. This algorithm is not part of the official Hugin installer (due to a legal issue related to patents). You have to install it yourself. If you are not using autopano-sift-c then you should give it a try. But even with autopano-sift-c, in pretty much every panorama I do I have to add more control points over the ones that Hugin finds on its own to improve the stitching.

Using the optimizer also requires some practice, since it has a lot of options. I typically start with a rough alignment of just orientation, then incrementally add more variables as needed. I use the "Custom" option a lot, to only optimize for the pictures that have problems, leaving the ones that are okay alone.

I've got decent results with autopano-sift-c using any "Normal" lenses, I believe the widest one I've used is 17mm. I have not had any luck at all using full frame and circular fisheye lenses though, for those I always select my control points manually.

Good luck.

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