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I have a Nikon D5100 and currently use a class 6 SDHC memory card. Since I am still fairly new and use "RAW + JPEG" mode there is a lot of heavy writing to the memory card (not to mention quickly draining the battery).

Does the D5100 write to the memory card enough that I would get faster saving with a class 10 memory card?

As a reference, these are the minimum write speeds (as defined by The SD Association) for the various classes:

Class 2     2 MB/sec
Class 4     4 MB/sec
Class 6     6 MB/sec
Class 10    10 MB/sec
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possible duplicate of How can I know what speed card to get for my camera? – mattdm Jul 16 '12 at 2:08

See this dpreview thread. Consensus seems to be that for the Nikon D5100 class 6 is fine for single shots, but you really need class 10 if you want to do burst shots (Continuous Mode). A class 10 will also allow faster transfers to your PC.

I wouldn't expect switching to class 10 to improve your battery life. Your card has very little battery consumption compared to your LCD and sensor, regardless of speed. If you want more battery life, keep your camera switched off when not in use and carry a spare battery.

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