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Many of the blogs / Flickr streams do not publish images their EXIF data with the pictures - all I can see is the histogram.

Can you recommend blogs / samples with EXIF data in them so that I may learn from them?

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For Flickr, it's worth noting that showing/hiding EXIF is a user preference. Some do show it. –  Dan Wolfgang Jul 13 '12 at 11:32

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Usually this is an option by the user posting the picture. Flickr for example - you can choose to show or hide the EXIF data on photos on your own stream....

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Ooops just noticed that Dan Wolfgang said exactly this in his comment - before I answered. Honest mistake - didn't see that before. –  Mike Jul 13 '12 at 12:22
it's still a valid answer :) –  chills42 Jul 13 '12 at 12:26
I figured it wasn't really ans answer; more of a correction to the question. :) –  Dan Wolfgang Jul 13 '12 at 16:59

The pictures might have the exif data despite not being displayed wherever they are being hosted, this website can help see the exif data of a picture if you have the desire to know what's "behind" it.

Also there are plugins for Chrome and Firefox that allow you to see a picture exif data.

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Fotki show EXIF if the user desires

My photos on Fotki have limited EXIF accessible by clicking a link next to the file.
However, if you click the "Download original File" icon at top right of the image.

enter image description here

you'll get the uploaded original (if available) which may have the full EXIF embedded.

Whether any photos of mine are worth learning anything from is in the eyes and mind of the beholder, but many have EXIFs, if of interest.

eg this one "Through the bars" has brief EXIF via link and full EXIF embedded.
Main point here is total vanishing of cage bars by locating them well inside focal length of lens, and f/1.8 DOF.

Similarly here 2000 Years! - through glass. While it's "hand held" without flash, shutter speed tells you it was VERY well braced (against glass and 'me', with me wedged against a pillar.

Not stunning as a photo 'Closeup' but focal length may (or may not) be a surprise.
Focal length, aperture - Hobson's choice.

If a site permits saving an image it is sometimes found that EXIF data is present. If so this can then be viewed with any usual EXIF capable viewer.

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Have a look at deviantArt. If the user provides a photo with exif data there, it is shown on the lower right of the picture display page.

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If you use Chrome I recommend you "Exif Viewer" https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/nafpfdcmppffipmhcpkbplhkoiekndck

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