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I have a Yashika FX-2 that I bought back in the 70's. I would like to upgrade the body to a digital form and I'm not sure which ones I can buy. I have several different lenses and I really don't want to re-buy them for a new camera.
edit Yes I'm slow, answers are being researched. I haven't done anything with the camera for more than 10 years so I'm very rusty on the lingo.

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thank you - yes very close –  Dave Jul 12 '12 at 4:54

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Yashica/Contax mount lenses will mount cleanly on Canon DSLRs (in all-manual mode, of course) with a glassless mount converter if you want to stick with a traditional SLR form factor due to Canon's short flange-to-film distance and large throat. Use on other DSLR mounts will mean either loss of infinity focus or an optical conversion group. Mounting the lenses on a mirrorless camera (μ4/3, etc.) is mechanically easy, and mounts should be available, though not all cameras will work well with a manual mechanical lens.

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I use Contax lenses. I have try them on different Canon body but they all have metering problem when stepping down (see this question How can I work around metering issues with adapted lenses on a Canon DSLR?) Glass free adapter conversion to Nikon or Sony is not possible.

On the other hand I'm using them happily with a Olympus E620 (ok this body is not very good above 400ISO but I can deal with it) and a fotodiox ring with dandelion chips. Of course I do step down metering. You can have a look at my gallery http://www.dubath.net/Photos/index.php?/category/5 where all but few images are taken using the Contax 50mm1.7 /60mm macro/80mm 1.4/135mm 2.8

Another solution is to switch to mirorless. You will find plenty of adapter ring allowing to mount your lenses on more or less all the body brand.

Last but not least if you do not want to keep compatibility with your Yashica body there is a more radical solution: replace the mount you can find references here http://www.leitax.com/

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Unfortunately, I couldn't find a mount for the Pentax DSLR that I inherited. –  Dave Jul 29 '12 at 2:09

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