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Possible Duplicate:
How do I make the water silky in water/beach photography?

I want to start to do some long exposure shots of water like these:

enter image description here picture from noticeeverything

So I don't know where I should start to learn this. Is there any step to step tutorial for a Sony DSC-HX100V camera?

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I think we actualg have some pretty good tutorials on that here (look under water), and although none are for your specific model I don't think that should matter too much. – mattdm Jul 3 '12 at 15:39

Those are easy actually but with the right tools.

The key is that you need a long exposure which requires:

  • Stable support like a sturdy tripod.
  • Long shutter-speed which you dial-in in Shutter-Priority or Manual mode.
  • A low ISO, to maximize shutter-speed.
  • A small aperture, to maximize shutter-speed.
  • A ND density filter should the previous two steps not result in a slow enough shutter-speed.

The shutter-speed you need depends on the speed of water and how blurry you want the results. 2s should be a minimum, but you may easily need 15s or more. Your camera can do 30s but not close the aperture below F/8, so if you do this when its bright you will most likely need the ND filter. You will also have to hold it by hand during the entire exposure since I do not thing your cameras has a filter-thread.

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