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Does anyone know if that Arca Swiss Z1 ball head top plate is compatible with the Kirk angle-bracket?

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The Z1 Fliplock and Classic are adjustable to take any Arca-Swiss style plates. Rod klukas US Representative Arca-Swiss Int. –  user10356 Jun 26 '12 at 15:57

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Kirk say

Our custom machined camera and lens plates are Arca-style compatible

P.S. RRS say

all Really Right Stuff plates and rails will work in all screw-knob versions of Arca-Swiss style clamps.This includes screw-knob versions of Arca-Swiss style clamps from Markins, AcraTech, Arca-Swiss, and Kirk. BUT only Really Right Stuff and Wimberley plates and rails are guaranteed to work with Really Right Stuff lever-release clamps.

P.P.S Sunwayphoto clamps have an adjustment for exactly this reason

Sunwayphoto clamp

All SUNWAYFOTO Lever-Release clamps are user-adjustable, can fit plates from different manufacturers as RRS,Markins, Arca-swiss, Acratech etc.

So it may depend if your z1 has "flip-lock" or not.


The Z1 has an adjustment as shown in this photo (from the digital picture) Arca-Swiss clamps

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