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I am a starter with Digital SLRs and I just bought a Nikon D5100.

One thing I can not figure out is how to take photos from the monitor, not from viewfinder. What I can see is the photo information on the screen but not the scene. I think it is a dumb question but I just don't know how to work it out.

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Page 44 in your manual!

The part you're probably looking for is (quoted from the manual):

Rotate the live view switch. The mirror will be raised and the view through the lens
will be displayed in the camera monitor. The subject will no longer be visible in the viewfinder.

The live view switch is located next to your mode dial and is indicated wit Lv

live mode

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Dear friend,thank you so much helping me to solve this puzzle. I can be very happy to plan with it now. – jeff1220 Jun 30 '12 at 15:23

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