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I've my D5000 now for almost 3 years.

I think it's time for an upgrade. So i was looking at the D700. Full frame indeed :)

But today I've read that nikon will introduce the new D600 soon for less money but similar specs. At least, for me they seem similar.

Will there be a difference in noise when shooting high iso? What difference will the 12MP vs the 24MP make?

If i look at these comparing website: The D600 looks better than the D700. Is it? And some say it almost as good as the D800.

I already have the 27-70mm 2.8 lens so full frame is no problem for my other gear :)

Thanks for any advice, thoughts and critics.

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The D600 is at time of writing not officially announced by Nikon, so the specs and price being circulated may change, so I would hold off for an official announcement. – Matt Grum Jun 15 '12 at 9:07
See the FAQ — Speculation on unreleased camera models is off-topic for Q&A. Maybe jump into the chat room to discuss? – mattdm Jun 15 '12 at 12:43

Really hard to say because Nikon have not confirmed any specs or even if the rumoured D600 even exists. What I can tell you is that my friend uses a D700, and having used it myself extensively (and I'm a Canon shooter!), the D700 is an incredibly good, very capable camera, and you would not regret buying it.

The 12mp of the D700 is really all you need, unless you're going to be printing your photos the size of billboards. It is great in low-light too. 24mp is a lot, and bear in mind the pixel density will mean possibly more interference, increased risk of noise, etc. Though that said, the fact it will be newer technology will probably mitigate that somewhat. Think also of the file size of the raw images, with the D700 files being between 12-15mb each. A 24mp sensor will produce raw files closer to 30mb each!

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Ok i didn't made the link with more MP's and more risk of noise. That's a good point you make. Filesize is indeed something to care about as it also infects the speed i can save images to my SD card. I hope the price for D700 will reduce with these new model(s) on the camera market (if the rumours are true) Thanks for taking your time to answer this question :) – Thomas Dekiere Jun 15 '12 at 11:33

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