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I have a new Canon EOS Kiss camera and a friend of mine has a Sigma Aspherical IF 28-200mm lens she used on an old Canon EOS film camera (old as in 10 years or so). I tried using the lens on my camera. The auto focus worked fine but when I tried to take a picture the camera froze with the following error:

Err 01

Communications between the camera and lens is faulty.
Clean the lens contacts.

I don't think my contacts need cleaning because the camera works fine with a 18-55mm lens.

How can I solve this issue?

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Is it a third-party lens or a Canon one? It is a well known fact that some older Sigma lenses in particular have problems with the electronic interface with newer Canon camera bodies.

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I know Sigma will sometimes "re-chip" older lenses to work with newer cameras — do you think that might be a possibility here? –  mattdm Jun 2 '12 at 14:12
I have no personal experience with this.. I know a lot of people had it done some years ago (I think compatibility was OK with the classic EOS 1D and broke after that, so it has been a while). Don't know if Sigma still offers this service, for such an old lens. If it's a 150 dollar 70-300 piece of junk I doubt it would be worth the effort in any case :) –  Staale S Jun 2 '12 at 21:24

I don't think my contacts need cleaning because the camera works fine with a 18-55mm lens.

You could try cleaning the other side of the contact point, that being the contacts on the lens.

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I have the same lenses and the same problem, but I noticed that if you open the aperture to 5.6 (200mm) you can take photos... you have to fully open the aperture on manual settings. If the size is bigger, you have Error 1.

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