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For example, I imagine scan quality factors to assess include: color reproduction, scale, optical resolution, etc.

Only real comparison I have for what I'm attempting to understand is how a monitor color correction system allows you to at least know if there's a problem. Though it seems like the only way to know if a scanner was functioning correctly would be to have some sort of "industry" standard sheet to scan and then have read by some analytical software design to evaluate/quantify performance on predefined scanning reproduction factors.

Any suggests on how to quantify the quality of a scan relative to the original?

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Take a look at web resources around colour calibration for scanners. Basically, you need to buy a colorimiter with an accompanying test target.

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+1 Awesome, thanks -- here's an example IT8 test target; found based on your use of the word "test target". – blunders May 26 '12 at 16:01

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