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Where can I find a list or comparison CIPA ratings for current-generation point-and-shoot cameras? Looking for a camera that can last me a longer time on one charge.

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Honestly if you only look for battery life, your standards must be pretty low or you are very likely to be disappointed by your choice very soon.

I highly recommend you search for the features you need (on my site) and make a decision among suitable models based on important things to you, including battery-life. The search results show the CIPA rating of cameras (when available).

Just a note that the longest battery life outside of DSLRs belong to ultra-zooms: Fuji HS20/HS25, S4500, S4200, S3400, S3300, S3200 (Yes, the current ones are all Fuji). Smaller cameras usually have smaller batteries and last much less long. Even worse, modern sensors are much more power hungry than older ones. There used to be ultra-compacts with over 1000 shots-per-charge battery-life, all of them by Casio.

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