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I need to put an invisible watermark in some of my PSE10 edited PNG files, but since I am an amateur, I probably don't need an online subscription right now. How do I easily put an invisible watermark in my PNG files using PSE10 without subscribing to an imaging service.

When I go to Filter->Digimarc all I see is the option "Read Watermark". When I search through the PSE10 help, all I see are instructions on how to read such an invisible watermark.



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First off I am not sure if there is an easy way to create an invisible watermark in PSE without buying a Digimarc subscription. With that said there is a way to create an (almost) invisible watermark using the blue channel and layer styles but this is not possible in PSE. Here is a tutorial on how this is done in PS. (Maybe download the trial version of Photoshop to insert the watermark?)

With all of that said if you are going to release the PNG file into the public via the web license the file using creative commons.

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