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I am migrating everything to a new Windows 7 laptop, including about 5Gb of photos. All of the photos belong to albums on the old laptop. I transferred the photos to folders with the same names on the new machine, and installed (and updated) the Olympus Master software. But I now realize that I need to transfer the information about the albums.

Is there a way to bring over the album information to the new machine, or do I need to start over and use a different approach to performing the transfer of the photos and folders?

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While you can still download Olympus Master (if you first give the downloading site your email address and perhaps install a downloader program) it should be better to get the new Olympus Viewer software directly from Olympus site. – Esa Paulasto Apr 1 '13 at 5:27

According to these forum posts, you have to copy the contents of the

C:/Documents and Settings/Your_User_name/Application Data/OLYMPUS/Olympus_Master




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