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When I was surfing keh I found "Non-Mfg Zoom Lenses" and "Non-Mfg Fixed Focal Length Lenses"? What is the meaning of "Non-Mfg"?

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"Non-manufacturer" — in other words, lenses made by some company other than the camera maker. Also known as "third party" (the "first party" being the company and the "second party" being you — or maybe the other way around; in any case "third" is definitely some other company).

If you're looking for lenses for Pentax K mount, for example, lenses made by Pentax would be under the regular section , while those made by Tamron, Tokina, or Sigma would be in the "non-mfg" category.

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They mean zoom lenses or prime lenses not made by the manufacturer of the camera. In other words, a third party lens manufacturer. Examples would be Sigma, Tokina, and Tamron. They produce lenses for Nikon and Canon cameras (among others).

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