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I need a few cheap and fast USB card readers, mainly for SD (16GB cards), CF support would also be nice.

Any pro/cons about:

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I have a cheap ebay one (couple bucks?) that had 150x written on it. It read/writes my SanDisk Extreme III at 20 MB/s, even when the auction says it is much slower. Originally found out from a slickdeals thread where they did speed tests. Still going strong after a year.

The non 150x one I got is much slower at around 3 MB/s.

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Model/product number? – alexandrul Aug 8 '10 at 9:15
Theres an endless number on ebay, search for SDHC USB. Here is one:… Oh, they take several weeks to get in. – Eruditass Aug 8 '10 at 14:46

I bought a really cheap (about $5 iirc) SIIG usb card reader at Frys Electronics. The MSRP is $17, but it was much cheaper in store. It works really well with sdhc cards.

Normally I get these types of items at, they have a great selection and good reviews.

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Trust 61-in-1 USB2 Card Reader CR-1610p reads with 4.5 MB/s and writes with 3.5 MB/s.

Transcend Multi-Card Reader P8 (~15 USD) reads with 18.5 MB/s and writes with 10 MB/s.

Both readers were tested with a 2 GB Kingston microSD card, in "optimize for performance" mode.

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