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I'd like to migrate my photo library out of Aperture, but still use it to edit photos (maybe). I'd like to export the masters and the modified versions of all my photos into standard Finder folders in the format YYYY/MM/DD. I can't seem to find any advice on how to do that.

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If you haven't had a look at the Aperture plug-ins page ( it might be worth having a rummage around ... –  5arx Mar 27 '12 at 14:03
If no plugin is found that does what you want, you could also try to write up an Automator workflow. Here's an example workflow. It does not do exactly what you want, but it contains information regarding the Automator and Aperture pairing. –  Bart Arondson Apr 1 '12 at 9:16
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1 Answer

I have been looking for a solution for you

I think its a two pronged approach - you can export the files using this guide.

Then you can use Amok Exif Sorter which is Mac compatible

AmoK Exif Sorter cannot only rename pictures. The software can also move or copy them to arbitrary folders. These folders again, can be named according to the exif data. For instance, all pictures taken in February 2007 could be moved to c:fotos2007February and the pictures named according to the template "year-month-day_time_some-text" which would result in a file name such as 2007-02-27_18:34_New_York.jpg.

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