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I currently have a Nikon d90 that I consider is a really good camera for photo shooting. I like to start with video and I know the D90 is able to shoot 720p, but the result is not that good and it has no setting around video. It seems like a really basic camera for video.

My intention is to sell the D90 and buy another DSLR with the same photo capabilities but with better video.

Questions: - Is there a way to improve the video quality using a D90? - What DSLR do you guys recommend to shoot photo and video with good quality?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Omer. You may get better feedback from the video site: – MikeW Mar 12 '12 at 4:44

You should look into the alternative of buying a real video camera.

You need to buy a quite expensive DSLR to get one that is good at video. To get full HD you need something like a Canon 7D or equivalent, so that's about twice as much as your current camera.

There are some quite advanced video cameras that still cost less than your current DSLR, so there should be quite a lot to choose from that would still be cheaper than getting a DSRL for video.

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I'm not familiar with Nikon, but even with Canon you'll want to invest (heavily) in add-on equipment. For "professional" use, you'll need a bigger screen, an extra focus control (not sure what they call them in English) and a microphone as a minimum. It's very hard to use the small screen on the camera and lens focus rings and keep in control.

DSLR and video is probably more about extra equipment and training than just a new (and better) camera. Look into the third-party market for screens and focus controls for Nikon before you go out and buy a new camera.

You'll find more info and introductions online, e.g. How To Guide for Shooting HD Video With A DSLR Camera

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I can only speak for Canon, which is well regarded for video, especially the 5D MKII (and I assume upcoming MKIII), and the 7D, both of which have been used professionally for video.

I'm not sure of your price range, but the 7D might be a realistic step up from a D90, though it would mean switching to Canon, which is not a small thing.

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