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Why not offer a remote on-less-than-SLR cameras, video or still?

10 years ago, we traveled Europe with my wife handling her pocket 35mm film Minolta Freedom zoom 125, about the size of a pack of cigarettes.... with remote! We would often prop the camera on a rock or tree with a six-inch flex tri-pod, and use the remote for outstanding photos.... in 35mm. Now, we are advanced to digital, but, alas, no remote. Why?

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To make you consider buying an SLR? – ElendilTheTall Mar 8 '12 at 18:05

Luckily, you are wrong. There are plenty of non-DSLRs with remotes, either wired or infrared red.

Search for cameras with infrared remotes and look at the breakdown by size on the left. As of today, their are 4 ultra-compacts, 7 compacts and 7 SLDs. Do the same for cameras with wired remotes and you will see the smallest is the Olympus ZX-1 among a number of larger options.

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