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I'm trying to buy a LCD top panel screen protector for my 50D and I could only find protectors for the top LCD screen for the 5D Mark 2 and 7D.

So will they fit the LCD top LCD on my 50D? Is it the same size?

Here's the one I'm looking at on ebay. 7D Top+Back Screen Protector

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No they are not the same size as the 50D.

I determined this by referencing and measuring the two images here(7d) and here(50d). It looks like the 7d has a bit wider LCD screen by about 15% or so.

I would suggest just buying a standard sheet of LCD protector and cutting it to the desired size. If you have trouble finding that you can just buy a set of ones designed for tablet PCs or similar.

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Thanks so much! Yes I knew I could do the DIY version using a generic LCD protector, but I'm lazy and wanted a pre-cut one. According to your judgement from the pictures, the 7D should be large in both length and width to the 50D, right? Then I'll just get it and trim a bit off instead of cutting my own from scratch. Thanks again. – vermilions Mar 7 '12 at 17:03
I didn't measure the height, but I would guess it is either taller or the same, so I believe you should be fine ordering it and trimming as needed. As a note - I've had a 40D for 5 years and my top screen has never scratched at all without any protection. I also am quite hard on my equipment. I don't think a protector is necessary. – dpollitt Mar 7 '12 at 17:49

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