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I currently have Lightroom 2. Will I have to buy the full version of Lightroom 4 when it comes out or can I upgrade?

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Late last year, Adobe announced that they were changing their upgrade policies for Photoshop so that only people owning the most recent major version would be able to upgrade at a reduced price. This caused a fair bit of consternation among industry heavyweights, and Adobe has recently backed off this position -- but only through 2012.

The moral of the story: Although their current policy allows an upgrade from 1.x to 3.x for Lightroom, I don't know that it's a sure thing that they'll allow 2.x to 4.x. Personally, I'm with Nick - I think it's pretty likely they'll allow it, but if they do, I'd be sure to jump on the upgrade, because Adobe doesn't seem too excited about people skipping major versions.

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The current version of Lightroom allows you to upgrade from 1.x or 2.x for the same price, so I would imagine it would be the same with version 4. There are no guarantees, however.

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As you may have noticed from the Adobe site, you can indeed upgrade from LR 2.x to 4 at the discount price of $79,00 (same price if you upgrade from LR 1 or 3).

In the Buy screen, choose Upgrade and then I own ... This will apply the discount.

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