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After some thinking, I realized this question should be streamlined:

Is there a list of known photo printing services that utilize the Flickr API so that images can be grabbed from your existing Flickr account rather than you having to create a separate account and re-uploading all of your images to the print-service's own web site?

Flickr endorses SnapFish, which people seem to find not the greatest option. However, I recently learned that there are services that will grab your images directly off of Flickr for you using the Flickr API. This is great, as it means I can keep my images in one spot. Apparently Adorama is one of these services. Is there a list of other options out there anywhere? I'd love to be able to try a few of them out.


Digital photography has meant my output of photo-taking has increased exponentially while my output of actual prints has decreased exponentially.

These days, most of my editing of my collection happens on Flickr. The photos I like enough to warrant sharing/archiving go there. In the past, when Flickr worked with Target, I'd shoot a bunch over to Target directly from Flickr and grab them the next time I was there. Alas, Flickr has done away with the Target partnership and now only goes via SnapFish. SnapFish is an option, but I'd really like to find a service that:

  • Lets you retrieve files directly from Flickr (rather than having to create a custom account on their own site)
  • Could let you send directly from an iPhone (most everything I shoot is now on there, and it'd be nice to send directly from the iPhone)
  • Ideally supports a nice variety of print options (square format, bordered prints, etc.)

SnapFish is fine because I can order directly from Flickr.

RiteAid is acceptable, because it's local.

Services like Hipstamart are nice because they support nice square format shots.

But I have yet to find a service that handles it more as an all-in-one service. Which seems odd given that Flickr has a full API and the iPhone is far from being unpopular.

Are there services that offer these features?


Between edits and comments, I'm realizing I wasn't perhaps being clear in my quest.

What I'm ideally looking for are online photo printing services that leverage the Flickr API to allow me to retrieve the files directly from Flickr, rather than to have to go through the process of downloading from Flickr, creating a new account on photo printing web site, and then re-upload.

A BONUS would be if said site also would accept photos being uploaded/submitted from an iOS app.

A super extra special bonus would be if said iOS app could also have the print site grab files directly from flickr.

The end result is being able to have a central repository (flickr) but easily get prints made without having to manually replicate the repository that I have taken the time to set up on flickr.

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Let me just make sure I understand what you are looking for. Basically you want an iOS app that lets you buy images in a full array of sizes that you have on Flickr? Can you also explain why Snapfish is not suiting your needs currently, as Snapfish is the "preferred photo partner" of Flickr. – dpollitt Jan 17 '12 at 3:21
Doesn't your first requirement rule out anyone but Flickr's chosen partner? – mattdm Jan 17 '12 at 3:22
@dpollit I udpated my question to hopefully make it a little clearer. Snapfish is OK. But right now it's the ONLY option. And as far as I know, I can't send items directly to snapfish from my iOS device (though to be fair I should check that again...but in the past, there was enough broken features on flickr when using a touch device that it made it painful). – DA01 Jan 17 '12 at 5:05
@mattdm yes, you are correct. I'll update my language. Instead of 'send from flickr' it should be 'retrieve from flickr' – DA01 Jan 17 '12 at 5:06
I have seen some pieces of what you are asking for in iOS apps, but nothing that really fulfills most of what you are asking for. I do not think something like this exists. I think what you are doing with Flickr is too obscure to justify this development, but that is just my opinion, and obviously at least 1 person finds it useful :) – dpollitt Jan 17 '12 at 14:07

Yes, there is a list, maintained by flickr, in their Services section, using the tag "print". Or search the apps with "print".

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Here are some of the services I could find that can print from Flickr: took digging through to the 4th page of search results on Bing. There are a LOT of irrelevant results when trying to search for printers that support import from flickr, but I would assume that there are more than three (four, counting SnapFish) printers that support it.

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Yes, it's odd. I'd think think would be a feature to promote, but maybe it's not as useful as I'm thinking it is. Thanks for this list, though! – DA01 Jan 24 '12 at 18:14

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