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I read some reviews about the Canon Powershot S100. It sounds like this camera is perfectly suited for my needs. But unfortunately it is not available yet. I can't find an actual release date, neither on online shops, nor on the manufacturer's homepage.

Is there any other source where I can find reliable release dates for cameras? I'm looking for release dates in Switzerland or at least Central Europe.

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Oh, the original PowerShot S100 is already out of production :) Amazon UK promises the reincarnation for January 1, 2012. – Imre Dec 31 '11 at 0:25
Thanks for this comment and the answers so far. I should have added that I'm looking for release dates in Switzerland or at least Central Europe. – RoflcoptrException Dec 31 '11 at 10:30

The Canon Powershot S100 is available right now. I agree it is an extremely interesting camera.

Release dates are not easy to find because they vary by region. Typically, there will be a press release announcing the intended date approximately, usually something like End Of November. At that point stores will usually begin to get the model, starting with the bigger stores in major population centers. You can often find press release summaries at camera and gadgets sites but your best source is the manufacturer's News page. If you are outside of North America, you should look for regional publications. Sometimes a model will not be at all available locally.

This year has been particularly unlucky because the Japan earthquake and tsunami, followed by floods in Thailand have delayed by several months quite a few cameras announced since the last quarter of 2010.

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Here's my favorite place to find what models are in stock and where:

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